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Faith’s music is a blend of modern and traditional hymns that convey Biblical fidelity, community edification, and Christward integrity.



Preaching is the verbal communication of the Bible. Preachers explain, exhort, and encourage us through God’s word. Through preaching, God communicates, convicts, challenges, and comforts His people. We worship God by learning from His word.



We do not offer our resources to gain God’s favor; we offer because God has given His favor. Therefore, giving should never be done out of a sense of guilt. Our offerings are a tangible means of service to God by enabling His mission to continue through the local church and its missionaries abroad.



We believe the Lord ordained Baptism and the Supper to be practiced by His people. Neither is done to merit God’s grace but to demonstrate God’s grace. The Lord’s Supper is shared the first Sunday of every month.



Worship is not a performance to be enjoyed, but a privilege to be employed. When we worship there is only one audience member in attendance - the holy, living God. Therefore, everyone is part of the “worship team” as we sing, pray, confess, give, read, listen, and respond to God’s word.

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