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In worship, God calls us into his presence, speaks to us through his Word, and, by His Spirit, transforms us to be more like Jesus as we respond to Him in faith and obedience; therefore, worship is humanity’s highest privilege and priority!

Faith Presbyterian Church exists to glorify God for the good of Brookhaven through,

          Worship that is reformed,

              Discipleship that is relational,

                      Mission that is neighborly





  • ENTERING and EXITING: All entrances and exits may now be used. ​

  • MASKS: Fully optional for all church activities (including entering and

    exiting all buildings).

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING: For those wishing to continue exercising protective measures, the back section of the sanctuary is reserved (pews are clearly marked).

  • SEATING: Apart from the designated protective area, all pews are open.

  • GIVING: Tithes & offerings may be placed in designated baskets as you exit the sanctuary.

  • CHILDREN: Children’s Church is not currently meeting. Pew Packs are available for children.

  • YOUTH: For now, youth will continue safety protocols while indoors.

  • DROP OFF: Hearing Devices, Pew Packs, and Bulletins may be

    dropped off or discarded as you exit the sanctuary.

  • BUILDING: All church facilities are now open.

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